What We Believe

Peace With Christ is a congregation of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). Synod means "walking together", therefore we subscribe to LCMS beliefs. Here are some of the different lenses to view our beliefs:

  • A 10,000 ft view through three of the Reformation Solas  - 1 min read
  • Beliefs viewed through the paramount question of Who is Jesus?  - 3 min read
  • We believe ...  - 5 min read
  • However, the fullest expression is found in the Lutheran Confessions, or Book of Concord.
    • Just as the three ecumenical creeds are drawn from the Scriptures, so too our confessions.
    • A good starting point is the Augsburg Confession, which covers the Chief Articles of our belief.
    • Some teachings of Scripture terminate in mystery. Those new to Lutheranism appreciate that the confessions simply leave those mysteries as something to be believed now and revealed in heaven later, without adding or subtracting to the Word.
    • Lutherans do not look at the confessions as depriving or limiting us, but rather as protecting us from teachings that can harm us.